台語現代詩歌 Taiwanese Contemporary Hymns

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English Name中文曲名ComposersCategory
A Clean Heart清氣的心Benjamin Harlan
A Covenant Prayer誓約的祈禱Allen Pote
A Cradle Waits搖籃等待Jean Anne Shafferman待降節
A Future And A Hope尾景有盼望Cindy Berry
A Gift Of Alleluia哈利路亞禮物Gilbert M. Martin
A Home Of Grace主恩典家庭Joseph M. Martin
A Joyful Life Of Praise一生年日謳咾主Joseph M. Martin
A Kyrie For Our Time主憐憫阮世代Don Besig
A Loving Heart仁愛的心Timothy G. Bushong
A Mighty Fortress保護高台Larry Shackely
A Mother's Prayer母親的祝福祈禱Carole Bayer Sager / David Foster
A Mother's Prayer老母的祈求Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty母親節
A Prelude To Advent待降序曲Rith Elaine Schram待降主日
A Shadow Fell On Sharon's Rose客西馬尼園暗暝Joseph M. Martin受難日
A Star Will Soon Shine星光照耀Don Besig
A Star, A Song, A Sign光星、詩歌、記號Brad Nix聖誕節
A Thanksgiving Prayer感恩祈禱文Joseph M. Martin感恩節
A Time For Everything萬物有它的時Mark Hayes
Advent Alleluia待降哈利路亞Keith Crhistopher待降主日
Advent Canticle待降頌曲Mark Shepperd待降節
Advent Cry待降懇祈Joseph M. Martin待降節
Advent Peace Cannon待降平安曲Johann Pachelbel待降節
All For Thee互主差用Jack Schrader
All Of These所有一切Craig Curry
All On A Starry Night充滿天星暗暝Joseph Graham
An Advent Invitaion待降Douglas Nolan待降節
An Etude Carol讚美小曲Joseph M. Martin聖誕節
And H Died祂受釘死Jay Althouse受難日
Anthem Of Gratitude感恩頌讚Joseph M. Martin
As The Deer像鹿欣慕水Martin Nystrom
Be Not Afraid無得驚Craig Courtney
Be Still恬靜David Lantz III
Be Still, And Know That I Am God恬靜著知我是上帝David Lantz III
Be Still, My Soul我靈恬靜Heather Sorenson
Because He Lives救主永活William J. Gaithe復活節
Before The Pailing Of The Stars星光漸退彼暝Joseph M. Martin聖誕節
Before The Throne Of God Above佇至高寶座前Vikki Cook
Beneath The Shadow (of Almighty God)全能上帝顧守蔭影Tom Fettke
Bless This House Of Worship祝福這聖殿
Joseph M. Martin / David Angerman
Blessed Assurance確實的祝福
Fanny J. Crosby / Phoebe P. Knapp
Blessing祝福John Leavitt
Carol Of Remembrance真早以前Joseph M. Martin聖誕節
Celeration Medley歡呼樂曲Russell Mauldin
Celeration Praise謳咾聖哉Joseph M. Martin
Clear Was The Night彼暝天使報明Don Besig聖誕節
Close Your Eyes And See開心目仰望主Pepper Choplin受難日
Come To The Cross就近十架Joseph M. Martin受難日
Come With Joyful Singing歡喜唱歌謳咾Joseph M. Martin
Come Worship And Adore Him來敬拜祂Don Besig聖誕節
Come, Come Unto Me來就近我Ken Dosso
Come, Emmanuel, Come請來,以馬內利Don Besig聖誕節
Come, Jerusalem, Sing Hosanna耶路撒冷,唱和撒那Don Besig棕樹節
Come, Ye Thankful People, Come大家來獻感恩祭George J. Elvey感恩節
Coronation Medley加冕組曲Russell Mauldin復活節
Did You Think To Pray?著儆醒祈禱Greg Gilpin
Easter Song復活節的詩Mark Hayes復活節
Epilogue Of Praise謳咾無停Joseph M. Martin
Fairest Lord Jesus美妙主耶穌Derek Hakes
Fall On Me充滿我Douglas Nolan
Fall, Slow Tears流目屎的祈禱Rith Elaine Schram受難日
Father, Forgive Us父啊,赦免阮Craig Courtney受難日
Flee As A Bird親像鳥仔Joseph M. Martin
Flying Free自由心靈Don Besig
For All Of Life主賜活命
Ruth Elaine Schram / Douglas Nolan
For God So Loved The World祂按呢疼世間Joseph M. Martin
For The Beauty Of The Earth為著美麗的地面John Rutter感恩節
Forsaken父,啥事放離我Lee Dengler受難日
Friend In Christ佇基督做朋友Don Besig
From The Eastern Mountains佇遠遠的東方Gene Grier / Lowell Everson聖誕節
Give Me Jesus祇愛耶穌Howard Hellvey
Go Ye Therefore恁去招呼Nary McDonald
God Chose Us祂揀咱作子兒Joseph M. Martin
God Gives Us Those Who Love Us上帝賞賜萬般疼愛John Carter
God Is Always With Me上帝永遠同在Nancy J. Wieder
God Leads Us Alone上帝引導咱George A. Young
God Of Wonders奇妙上帝Joseph M. Martin
God To Surround Me主上帝活佇我性命Mark Burrows
God Who Made The World祂創造世界Joseph M. Martin
Good Will To All賜福萬民Don Besig
Great Is Our God謳咾主上帝William H. Doane
He Is Risen祂復活Russell Mauldin復活節
He Loved Me With A Cross為疼,十架受釘Joel Lindsey / Sue C. Smith受難日
He Never Said A Mumbalin' Word祂吞忍,無怨言William M. Schoenfeld受難日
Hope, Peace, Joy And Love希望、平安、喜樂與愛心Joseph M. Martin
How Do We Give Thanks?著怎樣獻感謝Lee Dengler
Humble Cross卑微十架Joel Raney受難日
I Am Not Afriad我無驚惶Lloyd Larson
I Give You Praise謳咾主Cindy Berry
I Have Felt The Hand Of God我有感受主的手Craig Courtney
I Surrender All我願降服Steve Potts
I Thank My God For You為你,我感謝上帝Joseph M. Martin
I Thank You, Lord感謝祢,主Joseph M. Martin
I Thirst嘴乾Ruth Elaine Schram受難日
I Will Live My Thanks活佇感恩Joseph M. Martin / Ruth Elaine Schram感恩節
I will Love The Lord我欲疼主Michael Popham / Regi Stone
I Will Sing Praise Unto The Lord吟詩謳咾上帝Joseph M. Martin
I Will Sing You Glory And Praise一生吟詩謳咾主Don Besig
In The Breaking Of The Bread主恩典祝福擘餅捧杯Joseph M. Martin聖餐主日
In The Silent Garden佇靜靜花園John Parker / Ruth Elaine Schram受難日
In This Fellowship Of Faith佇信實交陪Don Besig
It Is Well With My Soul有時咱經過美麗清靜河漧Craig Courtney
Jehovah, Your Lord, God and King耶和華,你的主,上 帝與君王David Lantz III
Jesus Is The Friend Who's Always There至好朋友--耶穌Don Besig
Jesus Is The Song耶穌--詩歌泉源David Danner
Just Two Words來跟隨我Herb Frombach
Kyrie Eleisn主,請憐憫阮Dana Mengel受難日
Let Me Be容允我Heather Sorenson
Let The Song GO Forth咱著來吟詩Joseph M. Martin
Like A Mother With Her Children像老母的疼David Schwoebel母親節
Listen With Your Heart著用心來聽Brad Nix
Lord, I Stretch My Hands To You主我舉雙手向祢Jay Althouse
Love Grows Here佇遮有疼Don Besig
Made One In Christ佇基督合一Mark Patterson
May The Mind Of Christ My Savior願基督心志惦佇我Lloyd Larson
My Hiding Place我的避難所Tom Fettke
My Maker's World上帝的國度Mark Hayes
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need耶和華是我牧者American Folk Hymn
Name Of All Majesty至尊至聖Tom Fettke
O Holy Night喔神聖暝Adolphe C. Adan聖誕節
O Lord, My God, You Are My Refuge主上帝拯救石磐Hal H. Hopson
On This Holy Night神聖暗冥Don Besig
Once Upon A Christmas Night在昔一個聖誕暝Mark Cabaniss聖誕節
Paean Of Promise應允的喜樂Joseph M. Martin
Peace Go With You平安與恁佇在Douglas Nolan
Pie Jesu至聖耶穌Joseph M. Martin
Pieta所疼子兒--耶穌Joseph M. Martin復活節
Prayer祈禱Linda Spevacek
Prayer For Creation永活的主阮祈求Joseph M. Martin
Prayer For Peace法蘭西斯祈禱文Benjamin Harlan
Psalm Of Thanksgiving感謝詩篇Joseph M. Martin感恩節
Put Peace Into Each Other's Hands平安存在你我的手Jane Holstein
Reflections美妙哈利路亞Heather Sorenson
Reflections From Micah主所愛的祭Joseph M. Martin
Rejoice, Rejoice歡喜主復活Don Besig復活節
Rejoice, The Lord Is King歡喜主作王Larry Shackely
Risen Today祂復活John Purifoy復活節
Sabbath Rest安息聖日David Lantz III
Scenes From A Solemn Cross莊嚴十架寫實Douglas Nolan受難日
Shine, Jesus, Shine救主真光Graham Kendrick
Silent Night平安暝Joseph M. Martin / Franz Gruber聖誕節
Silently, Tears Were Flowing無奈何,主目屎流落C. J. Adams受難日
Simple Gifts/Pachelbel's Canon禮物Johann Pachelbel
Somewhere There's A Song Of Praise唱歌謳咾真好真妙David Lantz III
Song Of Gathering阮聚集敬拜Douglas Nolan
Songs Of Thanksgiving感恩的歌Chuck Bridwell感恩節
Such Is The Way Of God's Love上帝大慈愛Joseph M. Martin
Surely, He Hath Borne Our Griefs祂擔當咱憂悶Victor C. Johnson受難日
Tapestry Of Thanks感恩詩集Anna Laura Page / Jean Anne Shafferman感恩節
Thank You, God, For My Mother感謝主,賞賜阮老母Cindy Berry母親節
Thanks Be To God感謝上帝Sheldon Curry
Thanksgiving Prayer感恩詩歌Gene Grier / Lowell Everson感恩節
The Blessing Riddle祝福應答Pepper Choplin
The Cross Was His Own祂擔十架苦楚Gerlad Glaser受難日
The Day The Cross Held Up The Sky主受釘彼日Douglas Nolan受難日
The Heart Of Jesus耶穌的心Mark Hayes
The Light Will Come光明臨到
David Angerman / Joseph M. Martin
The Lord Is My Shepherd耶和華是我牧者Henry Smart
The Power Of Your Love主疼權能Geoff Bullock
The Prayer祈禱Carole Bayer Sager / David Foster婚禮
The Prayer / with Lead Us, Lord祈禱,主引導Carole Bayer Sager / David Foster
The Promise Of Advent待降應允Don Besig待降節
The Story Begins主降生故事Brad Printz聖誕節
The Tomb Is Empty墳墓今空空Jon Paige復活節
There, On Calvary佇各各他Don Besig受難日
These Are The Things老母的疼David Lantz III母親節
This Is God's Commandment這是上帝誡命Joseph M. Martin
Through The Night主保守Lee Dengler
Trust And Obey信靠順趁Joel Raney
Waiting等待Jay Althouse
Walk With The Lord與主同行Don Besig
We Are One同心合一Don Besig
We Are The Hands Of Christ咱做基督見證Joel Raney
We Are Yours, Lord主,阮屬佇祢Don Besig
We Believe (The Apostles' Creed)使徒信經John Purifoy
We Praise You, O God主阮謳咾祢Lloyd Larson
We Remember You主阮思念祢Lloyd Larson受難日
We Thank You, Lord阮感謝主Don Besig
We Will Be A Shelter For Each Other咱作互相倚靠幫助Allen Pote
Were You There?你佇叨落Raymond H. Haan
What Sweeter Music Can We Bring?欲獻啥麼互主Mark Hayes聖誕節
When We Live Our Alleluias活出哈利路亞David Angerman / Douglas Nolan
Where Has My Savior Gone?我主佇叨落David Lantz III受難日
Whispering Hope, Wonderful Peace存這盼望,奇妙平安Septimus Winner
Winds Through The Olives柔風細訴David Angerman / Joseph M. Martin受難日
Worship Song敬拜謳咾主Joseph M. Martin
Worthy Is The Lamb尊貴聖羊羔Lloyd Larson
You Are My Hiding Place主是我的避難所Michael Ledner
You Are Provider萬富有主宰Ruth Elaine Schram
You Are The Hands主疼惜我Lynn Shaw Bailey
You Raise Me Up / with Be Still, My Soul我靈恬靜,倚靠主Rolf Lovland / Brendan Graham
Your Grace Is All I Need依靠救主恩典
Cindy LOUise Ovokattys / Douglas Nolan
Your Will, Not Mind照祢旨意Ron / Carol Harris